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Serious Sam Unable To Load Metadll Dll




kacipiter Thanks for the link, but I found out that the game crashed right before the tutorial. kacipiter Serious Sam is really crashy on my Windows 7 machine. I can't get past the beginning without crashing.Q: Concurrent Kafka Connect worker leaks memory I'm running a Kafka Connect application with a 1 worker per topic approach. I run this app on 3 machines, each machine has 2 cores, 8 GB of memory. I've read that having at least 2 GB of RAM for each worker is required. I run the application via a JVM and this java application calls this library: As soon as a worker tries to connect to kafka, I see the JVM running out of memory and a kill -9 process sends the app down, along with all of the kafka brokers. I'm not sure if it's the library or the connections trying to build up, but it's hard to tell. I've looked into the heap dumps and the only information I can get are the threads which are using memory. These are coming from the kafka broker and not my code, but they could be leaking for different reasons. What is the cause of this? Thanks A: I found the issue. The code within the library is making network connections and when you launch a worker on a new machine, you need to run./bin/kafka-connect-nar file:///path/to/connect/file connect-master etc. This created additional threads. The libraries handles those, but not the worker itself. The worker itself will run out of memory if those connections are not closed properly. Q: Saving an image in database and taking it as byte[], the image remains empty I am trying to save an image into a database and after that take it as a byte[] and display it into a web browser, but I get an empty image. When I use the debugger, I see that the saved image is null, and when I try to retrieve it I see that the image type is also null. What am I doing wrong? Below is my code: public byte[] GetPicture(string fname) {



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Serious Sam Unable To Load Metadll Dll

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