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Sahaja in Sanskrit means "spontaneous" or "born within", Yoga means "Union" with the Self. Sahaja Yoga, therefore, means the easy and spontaneous union with the Self which can be achieved by any human being.


Everything starts with Self Realization. Self Realization is the awakening of your own spiritual energy, called Kundalini, which resides inside your sacrum bone at the base of the spine.

When this Kundalini energy is awakened, it goes up your spine and passes through seven chakras (energy centres) & nourishes them. This energy is very powerful because this is your inner spiritual energy that makes you see what is right and what is wrong.

Human beings are always thinking about the future or about the past. When the Kundalini rises, these thoughts elongate and there is a space, very small, between the thoughts (vilamba) which spreads out. A state of complete silence, peace and bliss is attained when our attention is at the present. We enter a state of thoughtless awareness (Nirvichar Samadhi) in meditation.

In fact Sahaja Yoga is entirely scientific. Everything that one experiences is verifiable on the central nervous system (CNS).

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always free as you cannot pay for something that was born with you. The method of Self-Realization was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  in 1970 and has been proven and experienced by hundreds of thousands people in over 80 countries.

三脈七輪 Chakras


This diagram shows clearly the "subtle system" that we all have inside. This is an ancient diagram of our central nervous system, depicted in India long before the advent of western neurology.

There are 3 energy channels and 7 chakras plus a Kundalini in the triangular "Sacrum" bone just above the Muladhara chakra .


The subtle system represented above is closely linked to our central nervous system (CNS), which it keeps in balance. After Self Realization, it actually enables us to feel the state of our energy channels and our chakras. Indeed, we can detect the subtle system functioning within us and we can verify this by ourselves. The presence of a cool breeze, a prickling sensation or sometimes heat on particular parts of our hands or on top of our heads is a sign that the kundalini energy has risen. As the subtle system is the cause and the support of our nervous system, it acts at every level of our being, spiritually to begin with, then physically, mentally and emotionally.

subtle system


The kundalini can be thought of as a dormant energy lying in three and a half coils at the base of the spine. As it rises up the spinal column, it is a bit like a rope with 1000 strands. The first time the kundalini rises, the blockages in the chakras usually prevent more than a few strands from rising. Even this can give us great feelings of pure bliss, so imagine the possibilities……

As the Kundalini passes through the various charkas, it cleanses them and starts our mental, emotional and physical problems, bringing us into balance

三脈七輪 Chakras


三脈七輪, Chakras


The Left Channel is Ida Nadi (the moon channel). It gives us the power of our emotions. Its pure state represents the qualities of deep Joy, pure love, compassion, music and art. It is the more feminine side of mankind but exists equally in men and women.

However, human beings are prone to left side problems such as emotional attachments, depression, low self esteem and feelings of guilt, lethargy, ritualism, bad habits and despair. 




The Central Channel, Shushumna Nadi, is the balance of the other two channels. Daily meditation, as described on this website, leads to a cooling of the sun channel and a warming of the moon channel, which restores the inner balance of our emotional, mental & physical beings.

The human attention then stops swinging from left side to right side, from happiness to sadness, from activity to sloth, and remains always in the centre, always acting without acting, doing without doing, witnessing the dramas of our own lives. 


The Right Channel is Pingala Nadi (the sun channel). It gives us the power of our rational mind, our physical being, learning and the strength to overcome problems through our endeavors.

However, human beings are prone to right side problems such as egoistic behaviour (selfishness), arrogance, pride, anger (violence), hatred. This is the more masculine side of men and women.

3 channels


The human body’s vital life forces are concentrated into subtle energy centers called Chakras. Chakras correspond to the autonomic nerve plexuses and are closely related to our vital organs on a physical level. Each chakra is designed to supervise and maintain the perfect operation of the health systems. In addition, these chakras also give to us the qualities of personality such as diplomacy, compassion, wisdom and creativity on a subtle level.

海底輪, 盤骨神經叢

Physical Plexus
pelvic plexus
innocence and wisdom

臍輪, 主動脈神經叢

Physical Plexus
aortic plexus

上腹輪, 太陽神經叢


Physical Plexus
coeliac plexus
generosity, peace, fulfillment

心輪, 心臟神經叢

Physical Plexus
cardiac plexus
love, joy, detachment

喉輪, 頸部神經叢

Physical Plexus
cervical plexus
communication, diplomacy, detachment

眉心輪, 視神經交叉

Physical Plexus
optic chiasma
forgiveness, meditation

頂輪, 大腦頂部邊緣系統

Physical Plexus
limbic area
integration, bliss, peace

Chakra means wheel in the Sanskrit language because these life forces rotate clockwise at certain frequencies. An understanding of the reasons which might disturb the balance of each Chakra is important for our well being. Each thought and action influences the sensitiveness and performance of these energy centers.

Immediately after Self-Realization, these Chakras are activated and initially begin the natural process of clearing the negative energy accumulated by years of neglect.

The benefits are almost immediate; small anxieties decrease and some joy and objectivity begins to manifest. The blocked Chakras begin to rotate properly again. With the daily practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation techniques, even self-destructive activities like drug addiction, drinking, violence, anger & hate gradually are given up as a result of achieving balance of the energy channels and the chakras.

The state of the chakras on a subtle level reflects and influences a person’s physical, mental and emotional welfare. This is a dynamic relationship and the action at a subtle level on the chakra can improve and integrate all these aspects. This is why people who achieve and consolidate their Yoga invariably find that their physical, emotional and other problems gradually improve.

The workings of Self Realization and subtle aspects of the chakras and channels are too extensive to be explained here. They are part of a knowledge which is not only to be studied at the mental level, but to be experienced directly.

7 charkas
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